How to Rock No Socks

Posted on June 13, 2012 by Nathan Tan | 1 Comment

As the weather heats up, one trend you're likely to see on an increasing number of well dressed men are bare ankles.  Once considered sacrilege unless casually paired with shorts, driving loafers, or boat shoes, a recent wave of men's designers have brought the no-sock look to tailored clothing.

As with all things, there are exceptions to every rule and ultimately you'll need to decide for yourself if, when, and how to go without socks but here are some very subjective guidelines on how to rock the look, based on my personal preference and experience.

How to Rock No Socks with Tailored Clothing

  • More casual tailoring looks fantastic without socks.  In this picture the no sock look harmoniously fits with the tan colored shoe, open collared informal shirt, and light khaki pant.


  • Here the navy and white combination creates a nautical sort of look in which the bare ankles are at home.  The more casual choice of a brown suede loafer also helps.

  • Make sure to wear no-show loafer socks.  Save yourself the discomfort of blisters and swamp foot.  The best loafer socks are here.

  • Suede shoes are the sock less man's friend.

  • Tread carefully with black shoes.  Black is the most formal footwear choice you can make while going sock less is the most casual one.  In many cases the contradiction can be too striking (as in below).

  • If you're wearing a suit without socks, make sure its a slim fitting, modern suit.  The no sock with suit look is a "fashion-forward" look that benefits from a more "fashion forward" suit.  If you wear a slim suit without socks it looks intentional.  If you wear a baggy suit without socks it just looks like you forgot to put them on.

  • Step out with confidence!  This is a bold look and not for everyone but if you're comfortable with the attention you're bound to attract, 

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