Why Women Love A Man Who Writes

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How a simple handwritten note really turns a woman’s head…

Not long ago I flipped through my usual pile of mail and discovered a gem that was completely unexpected. A gentleman friend had sent me a card, not the usual Hallmark edition, but an actual handwritten missive on handsome paper. From the moment I met this gentleman, I knew he was different because of the level of sophistication he brought to our interactions. While he could have easily sent me an e-mail, or even picked up the phone to deliver his message, he didn’t. Instead he chose to communicate with me in a debonair and refined way through his writing. Although the words he wrote were mostly apologetic, it was the thoughtfulness behind this handwritten card that stood out the most.

Why do women love handwritten notes? Women appreciate the subtle nuances of a man’s desire, and feel very special when they receive a handwritten card. We wholeheartedly appreciate the effort you show to create something unique and just for us. To women, a handwritten note expresses sincerity that we just don’t feel from a text or an e-mail – and it is definitely alluring. All of my girlfriends have memories of a special note or card that was written for them by a gentleman in their lives.

Perfecting the art of the handwritten note is something every modern gentleman should aspire to. With that simple gesture, you become a man who stands far above the crowd. Don’t get caught up in worrying about the content, just be purposeful. Look for ideas in the Gentleman’s Guides at www.forgetfulgentleman.com, and then add your personal flair to the communiqué. A simple handwritten message such as, “You are a wonderful woman,” is enough to make us smile and never forget the gentleman who sent it.

Tracey Franks is a professional writer and editor, and connoisseur of fine gentlemen's etiquette. She guest writes for blogs on the theme of writing and ghostwrites for those who need a good writer. You can read more of her portfolio on her web site www.wordsandmoney.com.

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