Who is the Modern Gentleman?

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We are seeing the trends all around us. The popularity of Don Draper in Mad Men. The Black Eyed Peas performing to a sold-out arena in a suits and bow-ties. George Clooney’s charming characters leading to box office hit after box office hit. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, giving a post-game interview in a three piece suit and cap.

Our culture of men is branching off in many directions. One direction calls for tattoos Ed Hardy tshirts. Another calls for constant self-aggrandizing like Cincinnati Bengal’s receiver Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson. Even our seemingly humble visionaries like Apple’s Steve Jobs or Microsoft’s Bill Gates take unprecedented steps to appear “normal” in public appearances, which is actually quite presumptuous.

At Forgetful Gentleman, we focus on the growing culture of the redefined gentleman. These men are guided by endangered traditional values of chivalry and etiquette, but there’s a decidedly modern twist.

Gentlemen of any generation make their lives and the lives of others better through action. Increasingly, he thinks about himself in the context of others. He makes people’s day. He puts a smile on the faces of the people he meets. He is trustworthy in business matters, and polite in social occasions.

Fun fact: Did you know 8 out of 10 men are prepared to give up their seat for an elderly person?

Part of what drives the theme of the new gentleman is a reaction against the self-absorbed metrosexual movement of the 1990’s, and the me-me-me movement of today exemplified by LeBron James. The new gentleman is essentially a middle ground, a more stable, less self-absorbed image who values consistency, falling between the metrosexual movement and the enduring alpha male stereotype. They have a bigger picture in mind. They want to achieve it, slowly and steadily.

The renewed focus on consistency and quality is applied to both a man’s interactions with others, but also the products he chooses to own. Men want to take control over how they spend their money, and they are sick of mass produced goods. They want something original, unique and creative. The gentleman sees a purchase as an investment, whether it’s the right suit or the perfect haircut.

That’s where Forgetful Gentleman comes in. We offer unique products of high quality with the purpose of making it easier for the modern man to be a gentleman in today’s busy, digital world.

It seems that everything in life is driven by our lack of time. The Forgetful Gentleman’s way of life is a direct counteraction, living as a gentleman slows everything down. So get writing. After all, it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.


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