Post-Holiday Thank You's

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At this time of year it can be easy to get wrapped up in the rush of the new year. No matter how busy you are though, don't let the holidays slip away without saying thank you to the family and friends who made it special.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

- Do it now! The more time that passes, the easier it will be to justify not doing it at all.

- Make it short and sweet! It doesn't need to be a novel. Just a few thoughtful sentences will do the trick.

- Make it personal. Specifically reference what you are thankful for and why. For example: "Thank you for the home beer brewing kit. I've always wanted to be my own brew master and I plan to raise a toast to you with my first creation!"

- Don't forget those closest to you! Sometimes we make the least effort for those closest to us as if close, comfortable relationships don't require overt gestures or expressions of love or gratitude. This is counter-intuitive; let those who mean the most to you know it.

To make it even easier for you, here are a few samples in the Mad Lib style found in our A Forgetful Gentleman's Guide to Articulate Writing, which is included with our Elephant Card correspondence systems.

Dear President Obama,

It was great seeing you over the Holidays at your first state dinner. Spending time in the company of such good friends such as your wife Michelle and Vice President Joe Biden meant a lot to Michelle and me. We especially appreciated the wonderful Secret Service Agents, who welcomed us with open arms and warm hearts.

Best of luck in 2010 and thank you again for your hospitality.

The Salahi’s of Washington, DC


Rafael ,

Thank you for the tennis racket for Christmas. While I still can’t go toe-to-toe with Roger Federer, your gift has certainly made me better!

You have always been so thoughtful with your gifts over the years. I am thankful not only for the used sweatbands and sweaty tennis socks, but for having you in my life.

Love Always,


Dear Beyonce ,

I appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving me the opportunity to finish my VMA acceptance speech. It’s not everyday when something like Kanye West's jumping on stage and stealing the microphone occurs, and I appreciate your thinking of me.

With Love,
Taylor Swift


Dear Tom Cruise,

I am still smiling about the funny story Katie told over Christmas dinner about Suri. Will your daughter ever wear Gucci again?

Thank you for your hospitality and creating such a memorable Christmas. Spending time in the company of such good friends meant a lot to me, not to mention the wonderful food you prepared. I’m still savoring the lamb now that I’m back in the cockpit of our F-14 plane.

I will always remember the 2009 holiday season with a special fondness, so thank you again.


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