How to Wrap a Present Like a Gentleman

Posted on December 23, 2009 by forgetfulgentleman | 2 Comments

Got the perfect gift this holiday season but struggling to get the wrapping just right? Follow these step by step instructions and your presentation will match the gift and sentiment behind it.

1. Measure out how much paper to cut
Roll out your wrapping paper—but don’t cut it yet. Place the box in the center of the unfurled paper, upside down, so the seams of the paper will end up on the bottom of the package. Bring the paper up one side and over the top of the box, all the way to the opposite edge. Estimating how much additional paper you’ll need to cover the side of the box that’s not yet covered, cut the paper.

2. Secure the paper to the box with tape
Center the box on the paper. Bring one side of the paper up the side and halfway across the top, affixing it to the box with a piece of tape.

3. Fold the other side for a cleaner edge

Before bringing the second side of paper up and over the first, create a clean seam by folding over the last half-inch or so of the paper, using your fingers to create a tight crease. Now bring this side up so it just overlaps the first one and affix with tape.
Double-sided tape can be used for a cleaner look.

4. Fold the paper on each side of the present
Starting on one end, fold down the top flap onto the side of the box, creating two little wings at the side. Flatten those in against the box, then fold the remaining triangle of paper up against the box. Fasten it in place with tape.

5. Stand the box up and repeat folding to the other side
Set your box on end, with the side you just worked on facing down, and repeat step 6 on the opposite end.

For a gentlemanly touch, we recommend eschewing brightly colored, traditional wrapping paper and going with brown kraft paper and twine for a classic, masculine package that evokes the nostalgia of times past.

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February 12, 2010

I'm just now reading this post, but in case you provide future wrapping tutorials… While taping the paper to the box can (and usually does) make wrapping easier, it is not to be preferred, as the tape often mars the box. It's not a horrible state of affairs, certainly, but the true gentleman can do better.


January 06, 2010

Can you tell me who painted the picture of the package?Thank you.

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