Creative Ideas for Delivering Handwritten Correspondence

Posted on December 06, 2009 by forgetfulgentleman | 2 Comments

Last week we introduced the idea of re-engaging with the 4,000 year old art of the written word in today's impersonal, digital age. We had some nice responses to our "6 Ways to Engage" and so this week we've decided to expand on one of those points by offering a few more creative ways to deliver your handwritten notes.

1. Taped to the bathroom mirror to be found in the morning.
2. On the driver's seat, under the windshield wiper or tucked into the sun visor of the recipient's car.
3. In the person's dresser, tucked under a few layers of clothes as a nice surprise to be found later.
4. On top of the alarm clock, covering the snooze button.
5. Nestled into a tray with breakfast in bed.
6. Slipped into the Chinese or pizza delivery bag.
7. Taped to the screen a closed laptop, to be found when the computer is opened.
8. Inside a packed lunch for work or school.
9. Replace the person's bookmark with your letter in the book they are currently reading.
10. Slipped into the person's luggage before a trip.
11. In the refrigerator.
12. On the refrigerator.
13. Inside a purse, briefcase, or gym bag.
14. Under the pillow.
15. In the recipient's jacket pocket.

Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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2 Responses


December 21, 2009

…on top of the coffeemaker or on a mug set on the counter close by. though a true gentleman would cue up the coffemaker for brewing =), sometimes a gentleman is in a hurry and can only afford a quick note.great work, gents. love what you are doing!mandy


January 06, 2010

I just wrote my wife a little 1" x 1" note telling her what body part or personality trait I love about her and put it in her underwear drawer. It was the 789th note in a row, started on our 15th anniversary in 2007.Just cut a piece of letter paper into strips, then squares, write a note on one each day that starts "I love…" and then date and number it. KEEP AT IT day after day after day. She's worth it.

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